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Comprehend and Copy Nature

Viktor Schauberger - Comprehend and Copy Nature

Viktor Schauberger was a visionary who spent much of his life watching water in it's natural environment, high in the Austrian Alps. 

He learnt how to harness waters power and to replicate nature's "Living Spring Water" out of tap water through the use of vortex motion and implosion. "Comprehend and Copy Nature" were the words Viktor lived by.

Viktor Schauberger was a man before his time. He designed and constructed log flumes that could carry logs heavier than water, from mountain tops in a way that was deemed impossible by his peers and defied physics. Sadly this brought about the destruction of much of the world's mountain forests. 

Viktor believed water was more than just H2O; it is a Living Entity and should be treated with respect. He designed pipes to transport water but maintaining vortex motion and in wood to allow water to breath and retain it's living qualities.

Much study was put into the "Dynamics of Flow", temperature gradients and the hydraulic action of high altitude mountain springs.

Viktor Schauberger quote :-

  • "In every case do the opposite to whatever technology does today. Then you will always be on the right track."          (Callum Coats: Energy Evolution (2000))

Callum Coats spent two decades translating Viktor Schauberger's journals; one result being his book "Living Energies" that has entralled me for years.



Callum Coats explains Viktor's theories in this You Tube video