Vortex Water NZ - Re Gifting Water the Freedom to be part of Nature's Design

Comprehend and Copy Nature

Peter Ratcliffe - My Passions

Nature and it's universal design has a few million years of reality to trump our current scientific confidence in direction. I am passionate about reconsidering the value of what Nature had in mind within it's creation. Reviewing some Ancient Wisdom and our best alliance in doing so.

Having David Baillie join our team with both his Passion and Knowledge adds to our commitment to remind humanity of such important sacred knowledge that has almost been lost. We seek to make people aware of what Nature Designed and how that can and has been recreated in today's world thanks to the commitment of a treasured few dedicated souls. 

Upon this journey of test within your own home; I do have my favourite product. The first big sell for me. Poor quality and chemical full water in and then by morning; just a totally stunning product out.


Alongside I study human psychology, nature and the challenges we put between ourselves and unconditional happiness. 

I enjoy using Hypnotherapy and Theta Healing techniques. From there I love assisting clients dealing with Trauma, Phobia and Fear. 

My love of Mother Earth, our people and the opportunities for us to make change; remain a priority.

Rebuilding and enhancing sister website  "Big Love" unconditional love of all humanity and all we exist with; is next on my list.

Beyond Belief has been an inspiration for me. How can several million of years of proven evolution of nature be written off by a few hundred years of egotistical development. will reflect the discoveries of those with amazing talent to continually remind us that Nature knows best. Without financial gain being the premise.  I love that even the mathematics are coming through to prove those continually debunked theories.

 I enjoy watching Nassim Haramein Quantum Physics research. All try so hard to debunk him but just watch and decide for yourself.Click here for one of his videos.