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Nature’s Design is the Golden Ratio Sequence of  1,1, 2,3,5,8… by which nature creates her forms and keeps them cleansed and re-energised.

Nature’s Design products recreate these proportions to clean, re-energise and revitalise water.



The Alladin Carafe does so in a most powerful way. Starting below the glass stopper two small, equal sized ripples hold 1 unit of water each.  Then there is a 2, 3 and 5, finishing with an 8.  The golden ratio, continues 13, 21, 34, 55 …  yet the first 6 steps of 1,1,2,3,5,8 are enough to transform water in a minute.

Revitalised water tastes smooth, sits well in the stomach and gives a noticeable improvement in energy and health.

When water moves through straight pipes or is kept in plastic bottles water it loses almost of its natural structure and does not have the energy we need when we drink. The Alladin Carafe that brings it back.

The Alladin Carafe and Thank You Water bottles restore these natural qualities and energies giving you the same health giving energy as you get from a cool, fresh, mountain spring or forest  creek.

Thank You Bottles in 700ml drinking, 500ml drinking, 300ml hot coffee and 300ml baby’s all have natural cork shock protectors held with natural rubber rings. Ratios 1,1 above; 2, 3 between and 5 below the rings make the ideal size for a light weight carry bottle to refill when they transform water in 3 just  minutes. 

All Thank You Bottles are 40% recycled glass and have the honour of being the world’s first and only 100% Eco-Friendly Drink Bottle.

All have natural wood screw tops except for Baby’s, which has a metal cap so it can be sterilised.  All parts are individually replaceable.

Drink bottles can be heated to 70°C and Baby’s and Hot can be heated to 100°C. Each is printed with Thank You as a THANK YOU to Nature

The BOVIS Scale is another measure of the energy and life-force within water.

By placing bottled mineral waters from three different sources in the Alladin Carafe for a minute their BOVIS Scale Value climbed from the small values on the left, to the 18,500 value in blue on the right. 18,500 is a high value able to restore health, increase energy, and slow the affects of aging.


BOVIS Scale Value Table Alladin Carafe

Bovis Scale Value Table Alladin Carafe


Every cell, tissue and organ in the body is kept healthy by individual frequencies in harmony with each other, if we are healthy with the strong energy fields that this water gives you.

Frequency Scale Table Alladin Carafe

Frequency Scale Table Alladin Carafe

In this graph the range of frequencies available to heal the body can be seen to increase from the before values, for each of the three samples, in the top row, and the increased number of frequencies after a minute in Alladin Carafe is shown below.   

Selected Nature’s Design Products also add the frequency of the Flower of Life  imprinted in 24 carat gold on their base.

- Incorporating the Golden Ratio, Phi and Sacred Geometry in Design. Now in New Zealand and Australia. 

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