Vortex Water  - Re Gifting Water the Freedom to be part of Nature's Design

Comprehend and Copy Nature

"Lemurian Springs Alkaline Water" PH 9.9 at it's New Zealand spring source. Then add Nature's Design Carafes or Amphora as storage for optimal results.

Try the brand new "Lemurian Springs" 10L bag and box, with its handy pull out tap. Natural and stable at spring source pH of 9.9

Perfect for out on the boat, camping or simply on the kitchen bench.(The inner bag is PET and BPA free) 

With a little dissolved Himalayan salt, just enough to match the salinity of blood, but not enough to notice a salty taste, we have revolutionised the world of drinking water. With a negative ORP meter reading which stands for 'oxidation reduction potential', a natural pH of 9.9 straight out of the aquifer, and a higher hydrogen content than other mineral water.

"Lemurian Springs Water" is your ultimate friend on your journey to wellness. Its fine to boil and safe to keep in the fridge. Enhances the flavours of tea and anything you cook it with.

Increased ORP, oxygen, pH (alkalinity) and hydrogen content all indicate the presence of more living energy and increased vortex structure in the water.

We have found that to get the fastest results, we recommend you drink approx  3 cups, at least 15-20 mins BEFORE breakfast.

Repeat  20 mins AFTER dinner. In between these times you can drink as much as you wish over the course of the day, but ideally not with a main meal.

Lemurian Springs Alkaline Water perfectly served at table in an Alladin Carafe with Golden Ratio Design and the Golden Flower of Life instilled in the base.

Lemurian Springs Water - New Zealand naturally sourced 9.9PH High Alkaline Water.