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Amphora were used by various ancient civilisations for storage of grains and liquid. 

If we follow the "Comprehend and Copy Nature" philosophy of Viktor Schauberger; then amphora are an obvious choice for storing precious life giving liquids like water, wine and oils.

Circulation in an Amphora

Orbital motion of the Amphora - As in Nature

Use the shapes nature selects to contain, protect and maintain life. Nature chose eggs, or elongated egg shapes (amphora) for grains and seeds; shapes that produce optimal results! Amphorae or egg shapes also induce a spiralling, cyclical and vitalising movement to keep our water alive. Using terracotta, ceramic or stone amphora protects from the sunlight and heat. The porosity of a ceramic amphora allows for slight evaporation and therefore cools the contents; whether it be living water, oils or wine.


Not surprisingly, today's packaging technology impedes natural water circulation, promotes water suffocation and does nothing to protect from light.It is no surprise that the smart people amongst us are returning to the use of natural stone, ceramic amphora or egg shaped containers to protect and improve the quality of drinking water, precious oils and wine. Join the egg revolution!


The Water Egg Jug

Designed by the Centre for Implosion Research is the perfect example of amphorae or egg shaped water storage in today's world. Retain the correct amphora shape for water circulation and revitalisation; add the built in Personal Harmoniser to energise the water contents further. This model holds 1.5 litres; so it makes the perfect store of the smart persons daily supply of great living water.  

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 The Water Egg™

This beautifully handcrafted from ceramic clay, glazed on the inside, and comes complete with tap, stand and lid. It will store nearly one gallon (4.3 l) of liquid. A Personal Harmoniser is set in beeswax within the lid and ensures that whatever you store in it becomes energised. Use the Water Egg for storing water, wine, juice, milk, oil or whatever you can think of. The smart choice for the smart family drinking water needs.
The proper storage of drinking water needs to be considered if we wish to obtain the optimum vitality and health of water. Water is a life carrier. It is itself alive and needs to be stored in such a way as to enable it to attain and maintain its natural condition.

Water Egg Amphora Magnum 14 Silica Ceramic

Water Amphora Magnum 14 litre in Silica Ceramic for water in Cafes, Restaurants and small offices requiring living water with that more stylish approach.

"Living Water Flowforms Amphora for Water Magnum 14 litre in High Silica Ceramic

Based in Byron Bay, Phil Sedgman and his team have boldly started production of modern ceramic amphora. 

Their debut model "Amphora Magnum 43 " holds 43 litres of living water. Then released was the Amphora Magnum 14  litre Silica Ceramic vessel for water, to suit your home, small office, business or cafe.

Research of the Schauberber Hyperbolic Cone by author Callum Coats played it's part in the mathematical design of this modern day silica ceramic amphora or water egg. Use it to store water, wine, olive oil or anything you wish..

Why serve your office, cafe or restaurant water from a boring plastic box when you can deliver water by amphora and with your logo and brand attached.

14 Litre with Base Now Available in Brushed Stainless Steel. 



Silica Ceramic 14 litre Amphora for Precious Liquids like waterNew Stainless Steel base for the biggest selling High Silica Ceramic Amphora from craftsman Phil Sedgman.


Filled with wine, water, juice, oil or any precious liquid, the Magnum 14 keeps it fresh and ready to use.

Hand crafted in slip cast ceramic by Master Craftsman, Phil Sedgman in his Byron Bay studio, and like it’s larger counterparts, the shape of Magnum 14 is inspired by Callum Coats and his work with the proportional dynamics of the hyperbolic cone.

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Amphora Magnum 43 (No longer in production)

We regret to announce that following Phil's semi retirement the 43 litre Water Egg is no longer in production. The Magnum 14 Silica Ceramic is still produced with love as his retirement hobby.

Sam Hughes, Anton Von Klopper, James Erskine and Tom Shobbrook from Natural Selection Theory commissioned the making of several ceramic amphora for “Project Egg”, a bold experiment in innovative wine making. This is where the amphora (now known as  Amphora Magnum 43) found it’s true strength. 

“Project Egg” was a huge success with nearly every drop of the first batch “vanishing” into wine lovers cellars world wide. It was this success that inspired the creation of The Amphora Magnum 675 for high volume wine production. 

A short Project Egg Video can be viewed Here.

High Silica Ceramic Magnum 675 litre for wine.Production of this amazing amphora, the Magnum 675 litre is currently suspended following Phil's retirement. The design, production technology, slips and knowledge remain available for a discerning global buyer to recommence production for his/her own cellar use and/or on selling. Contact Peter in the first instance..

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